Hello, I'm Ethi Courington and this is my Pokemon adventure journal.
((Due to the mun's current hectic situation, this blog is on a temporary hiatus.))
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Okay, I found a Bunnelby for Mom. She’s sitting in my PC waiting for me to send it to mom. I need to go back to Lumiose City and have Professor Sycamore send my Pokemon to Professor Elm, so he can transfer them to Mom. All of this region hopping is too much, I can’t keep track of everything.

Luckily, Kanto can send stuff to Hoenn, so sending things back and forth will be a little bit easier.

I finally made it to Aquacorde Town! Kirlia, Kirlia, Chandelure, Noibat, Gogoat, and Helioptile all need their rest. We’re going to stock up on Pokeballs, and then we’ll find Mom a Bunnelby.

I made it to the Santalune Forest, and…..

I’m lost. I’m so lost I feel like I’ve been trapped in here for days. Ralts and Kirlia don’t seem to mind. Maybe they’ve gotten better since the incident. Valerie’s help made things a lot easier.

mayu-x-adventure answered your post: “Question! Where do I find Bunnelby? Are they in the Santalune Forest?”:
They’re just before! On the route right outside Aquacorde!

Thanks Mayu! I’m off to Aquacorde Town!


Where do I find Bunnelby? Are they in the Santalune Forest?

I made it to Santalune City. I’m going to battle Viola again because I feel like I didn’t really earn the badge she gave me. I won fair and square, but that was a long time ago.

I have a few weeks before my plane leaves from Lumiose to Johto and then my boat from Johto to Hoenn. Mom said she wants to see me and all of my new Pokemon from Kalos. She said she really wanted a Bunnelby too.

Noibat is acting weird. It keeps flying around and glowing and then not glowing. Is it learning a new move? It’s too early to evolve.

Granny called the Pokemon center while I was beating Wulfric.

She got a call from the Hoenn contest staff and they wanted me to return in a few months to go through contests and even return to the Grand Festival!

I honestly liked Hoenn more. Something about it just felt right.

I think I’m going to skip the League here and just return to Hoenn in a while.